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To measure furrybeads collars, please measure the actual circumference of your dog's neck using a tailors soft cloth tape.

Please place the measuring tape where you would like the collar to sit on the neck. Measure with a snug fit! Beads will roll on the neck so don't leave slack. Our buckles include approx 2 inches of extra webbing to adjust bigger if your pup grows. For half measurements (ie: 14.5 in) please choose smaller size, in this case choose size 14.

Important note: please do not measure your existing collar end to end. It will be larger than the circumference. Kindly follow the instructions above and watch the video below.

Feel free to contact or +1 604 689 3647 if you have any questions.

Please note that the collars are custom made and will ship in approximately 10 business days. We will happily exchange incorrect size collars. Regrettably shipping will apply. Thank you.

At furrybeads, they know firstpaw what it takes to make a gorgeous dog collar that lasts. In 1998, furrybeads founder Holly Newman was making jewelry at a local bead store. She noticed some gorgeous wooden beads and decided to make a collar for her Alaskan Malamute, Clay. Not only did the distinctive design get noticed everywhere she and Clay went but Holly also realized that this new collar didn't have that stinky smell Clay's cloth collars always seemed to have, despite regular washing. Everytime Holly went to the park someone requested a collar, with that furrybeads original bead collars was born.

Each and every furrybeads collar is skillfully made by hand in Vancouver, BC. Each is the culmination of 20+ years of painstaking research, testing and refinement to ensure your dog's collar is the strongest, safest and most stylish collar at the dog park.

Flat, fabric collars smell and hold bacteria, sometimes creating hot spots. They break coats and flatten fur and that can't be comfortable. Many dogs are allergic to plastics; collars that use plastic can irritate and make pets eyes run. We have learned not to trust plastics but wood is natural and safe.

So, what sets furrybeads collars apart from other collars and those trying to copy? Each collar is made using 300lb tensile strength, vinyl coated, stainless steel cable, and lead free wooden beads for a waterproof, rustproof, stain-proof, and stink-proof design you can count on.

From Chihuahuas to Mastiffs furrybeads has something for every furry fan. Years of working with dogs has helped us in perfecting a collar that can withstand the rigors of a dog's daily adventures.

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