We are in the business of fun, the warm and fuzzy feeling business, the OMG look on their face business, drawn from the special bond between pets and their pet parents, as well as an unconditional commitment to health, and pursuit of happiness (and a frisbee).

THEY’RE IN FOR A TREAT. (So are you.)

Our protein treats are healthy. Are impossible-to-ignore delicious. And are fast becoming the all-time favorite treat for dogs and cats. Of all shapes and sizes.


Which explains why The Granville Island Pet Treatery has sprung up like a pet’s ears hearing the packet open, to be a major force in the protein and biscuit treats industry. We know how to keep them healthy. We understand what works to keep them happy. 


Our story starts in 1985.

A small boutique pet shop on eclectic, artisan Granville Island, becomes home to Vancouver’s very first pet bakery. Located in “the Caboose” (an old train caboose, remnant from Granville Island’s industrial past), the bakery swiftly becomes part of the fabric of the Island’s community.


Fast forward to 2011 when Stuart Scher purchases the bakery. With a new name, The Granville Island Pet Treatery, the bakery kicks off with an innovative new product: artisanal, hand crafted treats for the local Vancouver community - and for the many tourists that visit Granville Island every year. 

Stuart focuses on developing delicious recipes that combine much needed functionality with all natural, ingredients. As the products become more well known, Canadian and international visitors to the caboose express a desire to get the Pet Treatery products made available closer to their homes. Enter Salomon “Sal” Casseres as Stuart's co-business owner. The two pet lovers get to work distributing The Granville Island Pet Treatery range into hundreds of pet stores locally, as well as across Canada - and beyond. 


Soon after, the business adds a new line of everyday, all-natural pet treats called, very aptly, Pets Agree! To accommodate the new range, a separate bakery location is secured and goes into operation. The Granville Island Pet Treatery deepens its distribution network to include more stores across Canada and the US. Today, its  products are sold in over 2,500 stores throughout North America, as well as online. More recently, the Treatery’s products have begun to appear on shelves as far away as Singapore and Jamaica. We are proud to say we are a truly International success story. 


Our goal is to continue to bring more and more of our great products to new markets around the world. Because as innovators we have an obligation to continue to find new (and better) ways to produce natural, health-enhancing products for pets. (Did we mention yummy-licious!)petsagreee-boxes.jpg


Our pets are our children. This is at the core of our being and can be found in every single one of our products, from Nutra Bites to our amazing range of Dog & Cat treats. Nothing matters more than their health, enjoyment, and happiness. And, of course, that look of love in their eyes.

  • We use only quality, natural ingredients - our health standards are no different to yours
  • Our healthy herbal supplements are all natural, chemical- free and utilize the same plants and herbs your dog would seek in nature
  • A healthy alternative to chemical laden supplements
  • Oven-dried bites bake in health without losing nourishment or herbal efficacy
  • We feel the same way as you about artificial flavors, colors, preservatives or sweeteners
  • Made in North America is a permanent commitment
  • Vet recommended


Responsible - An obligation to put pet health first

Independent - A healthier alternative to the mass produced

Considerate - Peace of Mind to Pet Owners

Thorough - Painstaking attention to detail through credible research

Cutting-edge - The secret to healthier, more nutritious bites, is innovation

Love - Is the reward pet parents get for treating their pets with bites specifically made for improved pet health

Craftsmanship - handcrafted, small batch will always taste better

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