Soft Chewy

Introducing our Soft and Chew Treats - the perfect reward for your furry friend during training sessions, especially for puppies, seniors, and cats. These pocket-sized treats are faster and easier for dogs and cats to eat than crunchy treats, making them perfect for puppies and dogs with dental issues.

Our treats have a stronger smell, which can help keep your dog or cat’s attention during training. They are also small, which means they go a long way when inserted into toys and puzzles.

Our Soft and Chew Treats are seriously healthy - containing zero rendered meats, grains, preservatives, antibiotics, artificial flavors, or artificial colors. They are all-natural and chemical-free, with no additives or preservatives.

These treats are easy to administer and vet-recommended. Made in Canada, they are lovingly packaged by The Granville Island Pet Treatery. Choose our Soft and Chew Treats for a delicious, healthy, and safe snack for your furry friend.