Indomitable Patagonia

Mutual Passion for Pet Welfare and a Dedication to Excellence

Pet Treatery and Indomitable share a stronger bond than just a partnership; we are united in our mission to provide pets with the best nutrition and wellness.

Both brands are committed to creating high-quality, healthy treats that pet owners can trust and pets will love. Indomitable's unique approach, harnessing Patagonia's pure and varied bounty, aligns with our philosophy of natural, wholesome pet care.

By joining forces, we bring to the market an exclusive range of treats that taste great and support the overall health and happiness of pets.

Our collaboration is founded on a mutual passion for pet welfare and a dedication to excellence, ensuring every treat from our joint collection is a product of our shared vision and values.


Treats from the End of World Inspired by the Patagonian Shepherd! 

In Chilean Patagonia, there is a unique breed of dog: the Patagonian Shepherd! 

This dog has a powerful heritage created from the sheepdogs brought by the English settlers in the late 1800s and the Fuegian dog, a companion of the indigenous Selknam and Yagan people.
Intelligent, faithful, agile, and with a great sense of leadership, it is one of the few sheepdogs that can keep up with horse riders for tens of kilometers a day, taking charge of groups of hundreds of sheep.

Indomitable Patagonia cookies honor mother nature that guides our lives and the dogs that accompany us in that learning.

Delicious natural snacks developed in the south of the world

Indomitable uses the noblest ingredients offered by the sea and the land of Patagonia. Baked in small batches, with 100% human-grade high-quality ingredients, and without artificial ingredients. Everything is in a HACCP-certificated, 100% electric factory located in Chile.