Soft & Chewy Turkey & Goji Berry Treat For Dogs & Cats 175g

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Your dog will gobble these up!

  • Turkey meat is a lean, easy to digest protein that's perfect for dogs with allergies to chicken- or beef-based dog food formulas.
  • Rich source of riboflavin and phosphorus
  • Riboflavin supports the metabolism of amino acids & carbohydrates in your dog's body
  • Goji Berries contain high amounts of vitamins A, B, C, and E
  • Good source of protein, iron, and calcium
  • Can help improve your dog's bone, muscle, and nerve health
  • May also improve canine's immune system
  • Turkey is sourced from Canadian farms
  • Processed in Federally inspected plants

Our Soft & Chewy treats can be used for a variety of reasons—and for a variety of dogs.

  • Pocket-size training treats
  • Perfect for puppies as a reward during training sessions
  • Faster and easier for your dog to eat than crunchy treats
  • Small treats go a long way when inserted into toys & puzzles
  • Have a stronger smell, which can help keep your dog’s attention during training
  • Helpful for senior dogs or those with dental issues who can’t chew hard, crunchy treats
  • Contains zero rendered meats, grains, preservatives, antibiotics, artificial colours and flavours. Yup, we’re serious about health.

Crude Protein 28% (min.)
Crude Fat 12% (min.)
Crude Fiber 5% (max.)
Moisture 28% (max.)

Turkey, turkey liver, vegetable glycerin, pea fibre, sweet potato, pea protein, cane molasses, goji berry, coconut oil, yeast extract, citric acid, sodium erythorbate, rosemary, calcium propianate, potassium sorbate

Calories per treat: 10

Shelf life: 12 months

Feeding Instruction​s:

  • Break treats into smaller pieces for dogs under 20 lbs and supervise use. Adjust your dog's caloric intake accordingly to avoid overfeeding.
  • For Dogs: Less than 5 lbs 3-6 treats per day. 5-15 lbs 7-12 treats per day.16-30 lbs 13-18 treats per day. 31-50 lbs 19-24 treats per day. 51-75 lbs 25-36 treats per day.

    Turkey & Goji Berry
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