Beef Liver - Dehydrated

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Dogs absolutely love Beef Liver! Beef Liver is one on nature’s most concentrated sources of Vitamin A and contains all B vitamins in abundance. Beef Liver is also low in fat and cholesterol. Beef liver is rich in iron, vitamin D, folic acid, phosphorus, essential fatty acids, zinc, and copper. These nutrients protect and support the dog's digestion, immune system, reproductive organs, as well as bone, joint, nerve and mental health. Our beef liver is sourced in Canada from Federally inspected plants.

We only use single ingredients in our dried treats. They are either 100% Fish or 100% Meat. We use no fillers, artificial flavourings or preservatives in the making of our treats. Our treats are dehydrated over a long period of time. Most for over 20 hours. Due to the long drying time almost all the moisture is removed allowing the treats to remain in perfect condition for over 2 years.

Crude Protein 60% (min.)
Crude Fat 20% (min.)
Crude Fiber 1% (max.)
Moisture 6% (max.)

Beef Liver

Calories per 8g treat: 48

Shelf Life: 24 months

Feeding Instructions:

  • Break treats into smaller pieces for pets under 30 lbs and supervise use. Adjust your pet's caloric intake accordingly to avoid overfeeding.

    Beef Liver
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      Posted by Daniela Weber on 18th Jan 2022

      Great crunchy treat, puppy knows it is walk time when the bag opens up