Dehydrated Protein Sardines Treat For Cats & Dogs 50g


Maximum Nutrient Retention: Our Sardines are slowly dehydrated to maintain maximum nutrients, vitamins, and healthy oils, making them the perfect healthy snack for dogs and cats.

Single Ingredient:Our treats are made from a single, high-quality ingredient.

100% raw Sardines - ensuring that your pet is getting only the best protein available.


Good for Joint Health and Good for Skin and Coat: Sardines are a natural source of omega-3 fatty acids, which can help support joint health and reduce inflammation in pets. The high levels of healthy oils in our dehydrated Sardines treats can help promote healthy skin and a shiny coat in dogs and cats.

Unique Flavor: With a unique flavour that your pet will love, our dehydrated Sardine treats are a perfect addition to any pet's diet, providing them with the nutrition they need to stay healthy and happy.

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A feline favourite: Dried Sardines are high-value treat to reward good behaviour or to celebrate the lifelong bond between you and your pet.

Our most popular treat!

• Small but power-packed, sardines have an important place in your cat and dog’s diets
• They’re high in healthy fat and filled to the gills with Omega-3 fatty acids which are known to promote healthier skin & coat
• These fatty acids are also shown to promote reduced inflammation in the joints
• Sardines are a complete protein, meaning they contain many of the amino acids for optimal health

Why choose our Dehydrated Sardines?

• Easier to store than fresh, canned, or frozen: mess-free, no refrigeration needed, and all in a convenient resealable package
• Single-ingredient & human-grade: Free of preservatives, salt, or additives commonly found in canned options
• Dehydrated to preserve the integrity of the raw ingredient and keep nutrients & enzymes intact
• Imported from Japan under the guidance of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency
• All-natural and lovingly packaged by The Granville Island Pet Treatery

Composition (per sardine):
Crude Protein (min) 64.9%
Crude Fat (min) 7.1%
Crude Fibre (max) 0.1%
Moisture (max) 17.3%
Ash (max) 11.2%


Calories per fish: 4.8

Shelf Life: 24 months

Feeding Instructions:

• 6 Sardines per day for animals under 20lb. 12 Sardines per day for animals over 20lb.
• Break sardines into smaller pieces for pets under 20lbs and supervise use. Adjust your pet's caloric intake accordingly to avoid overfeeding.

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